Our Climate-Action-as-a-Service platform connects the carbon credit infrastructure to businesses, consumers, and organizations for direct contribution to carbon removal, powered by the Cloverly API.

Use Cases

Every industry has a carbon footprint. Offset yours with the Cloverly API and get on the path to net-zero emissions.

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Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon removals and offsets. We make it easy to make a difference for people and the planet.

Assured Quality

All projects listed by Cloverly undergo a rigorous quality evaluation process by climate science experts that look at 60+ quality indicators to pick the best projects in the voluntary carbon market.

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Global Carbon Projects

Cloverly gives you access to the widest selection of high-quality carbon projects. With the help of Cloverly’s proprietary supply intelligence that covers the breadth of the voluntary carbon markets, you can find the best projects that fit your organization’s needs. 

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Bespoke Portfolios

You can create a custom portfolio of carbon credits based on your organization's goals. You can also take inputs from our team of climate science experts to build your future-ready carbon credit portfolio with forward or offtake agreements. 

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Impact Visibility

On completion of purchase, customers will receive a certificate and a receipt with details of the exact carbon project they supported and the impact it has on the planet and communities. Report on your progress using the Cloverly dashboard. 


The intuitive purchase experience for carbon credits makes it easy to view, compare and checkout any quantity of offsets that you want to buy.

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Manage Price Volatility

Cloverly’s marketplace allows you to buy both spot and forward credits in a click. You can purchase and build an inventory of credits that Cloverly can retire when needed.

Direct Purchases of Carbon Credits

Why Cloverly?

Amplify Impact with Portfolios

Choose from one of our recommended portfolios or build your own portfolio to balance the impact and risk of projects.

Buy Offtake/Forward Credits

Cloverly can enable the purchase of forward credits from specific projects. If you would like to lock in the price of your portfolio, speak with us right away.

Reporting and Retirement

Cloverly retires all credits so that there is no double counting or incorrect claims. View all your purchases and manage your reporting using the Cloverly dashboard.

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