Carbon Offset Integrations for Developers

We've built a variety of algorithms that calculate carbon impact. If we can calculate emissions, we can offset them. We have created an API with a variety of endpoints that will allow you to neutralize the impact of all kinds of activities. Explore current use cases and endpoints with our API docs.

An image of code on a computer representing the various endpoints available to connect with Cloverly's carbon offset API.


Shipping Docs

Perfect for ecommerce, supply chain, or logistics.

With shipping info like ZIP codes, package weight, and delivery method, Cloverly calculates the amount of carbon emitted and the cost to neutralize. With approval, we purchase the equivalent carbon offsets or RECs and return the details of the purchase.

Shipping Docs
An illustration of boxes being loaded into a truck. Cloverly helps create carbon-neutral shipping with its platform.


Transportation Docs

Offset the carbon emissions from any vehicle that uses gasoline or diesel fuel.

Let us know how far you've driven and the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. We'll provide a quote for the cost to neutralize your carbon emissions and buy the appropriate offset with your approval.

Transportation Docs
A car and pin on a map depicting Cloverly's platform integration with rideshare services to offset carbon emissions.


Carbon Docs

Already know how many pounds or kilograms of carbon need to be offset?

Use this option to neutralize a specific amount of carbon by weight. Feed the total to the Cloverly API, and we'll purchase the offset or REC.

Carbon Docs
An illustration of a solar panel and windmill, which are two common carbon offset sources for Cloverly.


Electricity Docs

Purchase RECs and carbon offsets to neutralize electricity use.

If you would like to mitigate the effects of your electricity use, get a quote using the electricity endpoint. Cloverly determines carbon emissions and the offset amount needed based on kilowatt-hours.

Electricity Docs
A utility truck fixing a power line, representing Cloverly's ability to help offset carbon emissions from the energy sector.


Flight Docs

Offset emissions from commercial air travel.

Cloverly can purchase the offsets needed to mitigate the environmental effects of flying. Using inputs such as airport codes, the Cloverly API can estimate the cost to offset before you even take off.

Flight Docs
A plane flying over buildings showing Cloverly's ability to offset the carbon costs of aviation and flights.

Getting Started

You can sign up for a sandbox account at no charge. Cloverly works on a credits system. In order to get a production API key, you'll need to enter a credit card and load your account with at least $5. As you start to consume offsets or RECs, that amount will be drawn down, and potentially recharged when it approaches a zero balance.


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