The Price You Pay for Your Carbon Footprint

The Cloverly API is free to download, demo, and test. Accessing the API keys and making API calls are free, too. Calculate the impact of your business or customer activities in real time, and only pay when you choose to purchase the offset. Connect with us to determine the best pricing model for your sustainability goals.

An illustration of assorted carbon offset projects associated with the Cloverly platform.
An example of how the Cloverly carbon offset plugin integrates with a user's cart on an ecommerce site.
Cost Breakdown

Cloverly Offsets Emissions on a Per‑Transaction Basis

We value transparency in all that we do. That's why we break down our costs to show you where every cent is going. Here's an example of our typical price breakdown for a single transaction, showing you what goes into the cost of offsetting with Cloverly.

31¢ Offset Cost
Determined by the market price to purchase the carbon credit. 100% of this cost goes to the carbon offset project.
A coin reading "56 cents" to provide an example of a typical price breakdown for a carbon offset through Cloverly.
25¢ Cloverly Fee
Cost per transaction is $0.25, per offset purchase. For our enterprise level partners, Cloverly also offers volume-based pricing, with fees ranging from $0.15 to $0.02.

Pricing Options

An illustration of a leaf representing green initiatives of the Cloverly carbon offset platform.

01Customer Pays

Option A
Exact Payment

Your customers have the option to pay the exact cost of the carbon offsets to neutralize their specific order.

Option B
Fixed Payment

You give your customers the option to pay the same fixed amount for each order. That can simplify your bookkeeping. Because the rate is higher than is needed to offset the carbon costs of most orders, it can also send a little extra money to the offset projects, helping make the world a little greener.

Give Your Customers the Option to Go Carbon Neutral

Perfect for ridesharing, flights, ecommerce, and more. Give your customers the option to pay for the exact cost to offset, or choose an amount they can contribute toward carbon offsetting.

Customers cover this cost—typically less than $1 per transaction—if they choose to do so at checkout. They’ll see a real-time estimate and be able to explore the offset project being used before they decide to opt in.

An illustration of a twig representing Cloverly's sustainable initiatives and mission of a carbon neutral future.

02Merchant Pays

How It Works

The merchant covers the total cost to offset their customers' orders or other activities.

For our partners with high transaction volumes, Cloverly offers volume-based discounts. We work with you to set a lower transaction fee, to help your organization commit to complete carbon neutrality or carbon negativity.

Understand and Offset Your Own Emissions

Looking to offset the emissions from an entire category of transactions? Maybe you'd like to offset shipping for all customer orders. Or maybe you're planning to offset the emissions from your factories, or employee travel to a conference.

Whatever your goals are, Cloverly can help you get there. Our flexible API has multiple applications across industries. You can contact our team for custom solutions.

Shipping cargo stacked up in a lot. Cloverly is able to offset the carbon costs of shipping and transportation.
A system of highways representing carbon emissions from fleet transportation that can be offset by the Cloverly platform.
A wind power station showing a common way to offset carbon emissions with the Cloverly platform.

Sample Calculations and Pricing

An illustration of boxes being loaded into a truck. Cloverly helps create carbon-neutral shipping with its platform.
Shipping Offset

Shipping a table from Oakland, California, to Brooklyn, New York, costs surprisingly little to offset.

From ZIP Code 94621
To ZIP Code 11223
Package Weight 551 pounds 250 kilograms
Carbon Impact 190 pounds 86 kilograms
Cost to Offset $0.47 (may change based on market prices)
Cloverly Fee $0.25
Total Cost $0.72
A car and pin on a map depicting Cloverly's platform integration with rideshare services to offset carbon emissions.
Transportation Offset

Take a summer road trip and offset the carbon impact.

Distance 2,174 miles 3,499 kilometers
Fuel Efficiency 25 mpg 11 kilometers per liter
Fuel Gasoline
Carbon Impact 1,680 pounds 762 kilograms
Cost to Offset $4.10 (may change based on market prices)
Cloverly Fee $0.25
Total Cost $4.35
An illustration of a solar panel and windmill, which are two common carbon offset sources for Cloverly,
Carbon Offset by Weight

If you know the amount of your carbon impact, offset it!

Carbon 772 pounds 350 kilograms
Cost to Offset $1.89 (may change based on market prices)
Cloverly Fee $0.25
Total Cost $2.14
Custom Pricing

Interested in learning more about custom pricing and integrated solutions for carbon offsetting?

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