Our Climate-Action-as-a-Service platform connects the carbon credit infrastructure to businesses, consumers, and organizations for direct contribution to carbon removal, powered by the Cloverly API.

Use Cases

Every industry has a carbon footprint. Offset yours with the Cloverly API and get on the path to net-zero emissions.

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Explore different use cases for our API endpoints to help you neutralize the carbon effects of your activities.


Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon removals and offsets. We make it easy to make a difference for people and the planet.

Equivalent Carbon Removals

Cloverly can match the location, cost, and project type as closely as possible to the initial carbon producing activity. It can also choose from a bucket of projects that you pick to align your sustainability efforts with your organizational goals.

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Diverse Project Portfolio

Our carbon removal project portfolio is constantly evolving to meet customer and market demand. Cloverly utilizes a global network of reputable suppliers to sequester and offset carbon emissions. Filter by project type or geography in the Cloverly dashboard or add your existing projects to be picked up by the Cloverly API.

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Verified Carbon Projects

The Cloverly API uses carbon credit projects that are verified by reputable organizations and registries in the voluntary markets including Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), American Carbon Registry (ACR),, Plan Vivo and BeZero Carbon. This ensures the accuracy and integrity of the carbon credits and addresses durability and project risks. 

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Built-in Transparency

Cloverly generates a carbon impact estimate of the transaction before purchase confirmation, where customers can view the details of the specific removal project matched with that transaction.  Cloverly partners can also customize the message and branding in all customer communications to promote and share their sustainability journeys with their customers.

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Flexible API Integration

Cloverly's AWS cloud infrastructure makes for easy integration with your user interface. Customize the integration to your CSS to match your specific brand, styling, and functionality. Check out our developer docs for specific endpoints and integration options.

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