One API to Calculate, Connect, and Purchase Carbon Credits

Cloverly is a flexible API that calculates and neutralizes carbon emissions on a per-transaction basis. We connect to the carbon offset infrastructure and purchase carbon credits or other instruments, such as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), on behalf of you or your customers.

The Cloverly logo. Cloverly helps companies reach their goal of being carbon neutral through offsetting emissions.The Cloverly logo. Cloverly helps companies reach their goal of being carbon neutral through offsetting emissions.

Emission Calculations

Cloverly creates real-time carbon offset estimates based on specific, easily obtainable information. Our API uses inputs such as shipping weight and origination and destination postal codes—or other data appropriate to the use case—to calculate the carbon emitted, the amount of credits needed for offsetting, and the cost to purchase that offset.

A pin on a map indicating Cloverly's ability to match a carbon offset to a relevant, verified offset project through its API.
A map of the world with specific offset projects including solar farms, wind farms and more.

Diverse Offset Portfolio

Our carbon offset portfolio is constantly evolving to meet customer and market demand. Cloverly utilizes a global network of reputable suppliers to sequester, avoid, reduce, and offset carbon emissions. Filter by project type or geography in the Cloverly dashboard, or work with Cloverly to source a project designed specifically for your business or organization.

Matching the Offset

Cloverly can match the location, cost, and project type as closely as possible to the initial carbon producing activity. For example, a company that produces paper might use Cloverly to offset with local reforestation projects, or those that most closely match the source of production.

Use the Cloverly dashboard or work with our team to customize your carbon offsets, or use our offset match endpoint found in the developer docs.

An illustration of assorted carbon offset projects associated with the Cloverly platform.
An example of a carbon offset matched to a specifically located carbon offset project.

Transparent Reporting

Cloverly generates a carbon impact estimate for every order added to the cart in ecommerce scenarios. Customers can view the carbon impact of their order and details of the specific offset project used. Cloverly partners can even customize the message and branding when sending order confirmations, so they can promote sustainability initiatives and share their great work with their customers.

Flexible API Integration

Cloverly's AWS cloud infrastructure makes for easy integration with your user interface. Customize the integration to your CSS to match your specific brand, styling, and functionality. Check out our developer docs for specific endpoints and integration options.

A line of code showing how the Cloverly carbon offset API integrates into various endpoints.
Carbon offsets in the Cloverly API are registered and tracked by these trusted logos.

Verified Carbon Offsets

To be publicly available via the Cloverly API, offsets must be registered and tracked by generally accepted and reputable organizations in the voluntary markets. Our projects are backed by Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), American Carbon Registry (ACR), and other internationally recognized organizations to ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the offsets, and to determine that all offsets meet the standards for additionality.

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