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Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon removals and offsets. We make it easy to make a difference for people and the planet.

ATLANTA, GA / January 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloverly, a leading platform for climate action, announces the launch of the first multi-channel distribution management software for carbon credit suppliers. Combining inventory management with the ability to manage distribution across different channels of demand, Cloverly’s new platform fills a critical gap required for carbon markets to scale.

The carbon credit marketplace is evolving rapidly, requiring the digital infrastructure to evolve as well. Suppliers don’t have software to manage their distribution and inventory - something that exists in virtually every other industry. With the rapid growth of various sales channels, suppliers are having an increasingly difficult time tapping into those channels at scale. This stymies the growth of the carbon markets through inefficiency, siloed inventory pools, inability to fully capture demand, and unnecessary logistical and communication hurdles.

Cloverly’s carbon credit distribution management software integrates these complementary solutions for the first time, creating efficiencies for stakeholders and amplifying the impact of the carbon market.  For carbon credit suppliers, this new platform enables omni-channel distribution of inventory across multiple sales channels and transaction management and reporting.  This allows suppliers to provide buyers access to more inventory, in real time, while reducing the overhead associated with managing their purchases.

“The most successful markets are those that are both inclusive and efficient,” shared Jason Rubottom, CEO of Cloverly.  “The overall goal of combating climate change needs to remain the priority.  Barriers for stakeholders to easily work together create unnecessary headwinds in achieving that goal.  Cloverly was the first API to connect businesses with quality carbon credits  and we are proud to now broaden our solution set to suppliers.”

Cloverly was founded in 2019  with a mission to make high-impact climate action accessible to all and is now used by 200+ enterprises worldwide in financial services, technology, ESG / carbon accounting, supply chain, and eCommerce.  By matching that mission with industry-leading software, Cloverly enables their partners to scale for meaningful impact.

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Cloverly is using software to scale climate action. Cloverly is a platform for climate action with the leading technology-based marketplace for carbon credits. And now, the leading solution for suppliers to manage their distribution. 


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