How It Works

How Cloverly Carbon Offsets Work

The Cloverly API provides the technology for businesses and organizations to achieve carbon neutrality by connecting them to local, high-quality carbon offset projects through our Sustainability-as-a-Service platform.

A visual representation of how Cloverly's carbon offset API works from start to finish.
What We Do

Neutralizing Carbon Emissions

Many everyday activities produce carbon. The electricity you use, the miles you drive, the shipments you send to customers—almost every routine activity produces a measurable carbon footprint.

And while it's not always possible to do these activities without producing carbon emissions, it is possible to offset those emissions through a variety of accredited projects and initiatives.

An image of various carbon offset use cases including aviation, fleet transportation, ridesharing & ecommerce shipping.
How It Works

Cloverly API Capabilities

01 Calculate the Carbon Emissions

The Cloverly API determines the amount of carbon emitted and therefore the amount of carbon to be offset-using specific data inputs like package weight and transportation destinations.

Already know how many pounds of carbon need to be offset? Feed the total footprint to our API, and we'll purchase the offsets and give you the details.

Or, if you're not sure where to begin, contact us and tell us about your organization. You know your business and the activities you do every day. We'll help you determine your carbon impact.

A line of code showing how the Cloverly carbon offset API integrates into various endpoints.
An example of a carbon offset matched to a specifically located carbon offset project.

02 Match the Emissions with an Offset Project

Cloverly can match the location of the offset project as closely as possible to the location of the initial carbon producing activity. If you want to offset a car ride in Philadelphia, for example, you can choose to offset it with a purchase from an improved forest management project in Pennsylvania.

In addition to location, Cloverly can also customize your offset projects based on cost or project type. Work with the Cloverly team to customize your portfolio even further or use our offset match endpoint, found within our API docs.

03 Purchase the Offset

We purchase verified carbon offsets or Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) in the amount needed to cover your carbon emissions quantity. Whether it's one customer's transaction or your entire business's footprint, Cloverly will purchase the amount needed to neutralize your transactions.

We only purchase registered carbon offsets that are validated by reputable third party organizations. This is done to ensure the carbon offset meets the generally accepted criteria for additionality, and assures against double counting or double claiming.

A map of the world with specific offset projects including solar farms, wind farms and more.A map of the world with specific offset projects including solar farms, wind farms and more.
The Cloverly dashboard with statistics on real-time carbon offset purchases.

04 Report the Transaction

We aggregate and report your transaction data monthly and even yearly to show you the total amount of carbon offset and where the offsets took place.

Use the Cloverly dashboard to get detailed stats on offsets purchased and carbon effects mitigated.

Who Uses Cloverly?

Cloverly is used by organizations of all sizes in a variety of different ways. In many cases, carbon emissions come from sources we wouldn't normally think of. That's why Cloverly isn't just for cars, planes, and supply chains.

Our powerful API is for anyone who wants to make a difference and mitigate their environmental impact. Through verified offsets and powerful real-time data, we match the activity to the offset for businesses of all sizes.

Partner with Us

Want to become a Cloverly partner? Reach out to learn how we can help your specific industry or organization. Let's start the conversation about sustainability and get on the path to carbon neutrality.