Offset Carbon Emissions from Rideshare & Delivery Services

With everything from passengers to deliveries, the convenience of ridesharing is not so convenient for our planet. With Cloverly, you can offset the emissions associated with passenger ridesharing and services like grocery and takeout delivery.

A car and pin on a map depicting Cloverly's platform integration with rideshare services to offset carbon emissions.
A rideshare driver looking at directions on his phone. Rideshare emissions can be offset by Cloverly.
Why Carbon Offsetting

Consumers Care About Eco‑Friendly Business Practices

Consumers increasingly prefer sustainably minded businesses and are looking to support brands that do right by the environment. That's why many industry leaders are seeking legitimate ways to operate their businesses more sustainably and to show customers they care about not only the future of their business, but also the future of the planet.

We know that many businesses can't completely eliminate carbon emissions—like ridesharing or delivery services, where employees or contractors often use their own vehicles. That's why Cloverly makes it easy to integrate, calculate, and offset carbon emissions through our portfolio of verified carbon offset projects.

API Features

Why Cloverly

Easily Integrate Cloverly

With a Cloverly account, you can easily integrate the Cloverly API into your app or website code. Customize the style of our carbon-neutral checkbox in your cart to match your brand's existing design standards.

Give Customers the Choice

Give your customers the option to offset the negative carbon impact of their trip or delivery. Customers will see that you're a carbon-concious company, and you'll be one step closer toward your sustainability goals.

Calculate and Offset Emissions

To offset the carbon impact of rideshare, Cloverly uses data inputs like fuel consumption and distance traveled, or charging data for electric vehicles. We determine the carbon offsets needed to neutralize emissions from each trip with real-time calculations.

Let's Talk

Get on the Road to Carbon Neutrality with Cloverly

Cloverly can offset the carbon impact of passenger or delivery trips. The Cloverly API automatically calculates carbon offsets and costs based on inputs like miles traveled and fuel or electricity used. Set it up ahead of time to offer your customers the option to green their trips. Simply create an account or contact us for custom solutions.

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