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Fleet transportation helps provide many of the goods and services people rely on every day. Your fleet of trucks, trailers, ships, or aircraft serves an essential role in your organization. But it also often comes with a substantial carbon footprint. Cloverly can help you calculate and offset your fleet transport emissions to meet your environmental goals and work toward a greener future.

A cargo ship leaving port, serving as a symbol of Cloverly offsetting carbon costs from fleet transportation.
A fleet of trucks whose carbon emissions can be offset by using the Cloverly platform.
Telematics and Cloverly

Use the Metrics You Already Track to Offset Carbon Emissions

You're already tracking transportation metrics like fuel consumption and distance traveled. Cloverly can help you leverage this data to offset in real time the carbon emissions produced by your fleet. Even electric vehicles have a carbon impact, and Cloverly can help you mitigate it.

Environmental Standards

Environmental Accountability Is Going Places

Many fleet management companies and in-house fleet managers are turning to sustainable solutions. With the greater emphasis on environmental and social responsibilities across all businesses, it is especially important to consider the environmental impact of your fleet. Stricter environmental regulations are expected in the future, and companies are looking for ways to reduce emissions. But we know your business relies on its fleet to get the job done. That's why Cloverly offers verified carbon offsets to help mitigate the impact of your emissions.

API Features

Why Cloverly

Verified Carbon Offsets

To be publicly available via the Cloverly API, offsets must be registered and tracked by generally accepted and reputable organizations in the voluntary markets. Our projects are verified by Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, and others to ensure the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the offsets.

Accurate Calculations

Complex route management requires complex data. Cloverly uses exact mileage figures to calculate and offset your carbon footprint. And there's no need to go back and retroactively account for your emissions—Cloverly does it all in real time.

Offset EV Energy Use

Cloverly can offset the energy use from electric vehicles, too. Simply input your charging data into the Cloverly API, and we will translate your kWh into the amount of carbon to be offset.

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Neutralize Emissions with Cloverly

Use the Cloverly API to offset carbon emissions from your fleet. Whether you’re tracking miles traveled, fuel used, electricity charged, or other data points, Cloverly can turn insights into action to help you offset the negative environmental impact of your fleet. Simply create an account and provide a few basic inputs to get started.

Or, if you're looking for other ways to green your fleet, contact Cloverly for custom solutions.

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