Cloverly Gives You the Power to Go Carbon Neutral

The energy industry is a critical component of modern society, keeping our businesses, homes, and infrastructure running smoothly. But while we rely on this energy for many everyday activities, it can have a major carbon impact on the planet. Carbon offsetting can help mitigate these effects through the reduction, avoidance, and sequestration of carbon emissions. Cloverly can calculate those emissions, determine the offsets needed to account for them, and purchase the offsets, all through our powerful API.

A utility truck fixing a power line, representing Cloverly's ability to help offset carbon emissions from the energy sector.
A distribution center that offsets the carbon costs of its supply chain.

Why Carbon Offsetting Matters for the Energy Sector

We need energy. Our lives don't run without it. So what can we do to mitigate its impacts on the environment? We can offset it.

While nonrenewable power and other energy sources can have a big carbon impact on the planet, we can mitigate these effects through carbon offsetting. Cloverly works with verified sources to purchase a variety of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and carbon offsets to neutralize carbon emissions from the energy sector. Using clean energy sources like wind and solar renewable energy, we can offset the impact of modern-day energy consumption from traditional sources. Cloverly can work with you to determine the right carbon offset projects to meet your organization’s needs.

How Cloverly Works to Offset Carbon Emissions

Cloverly calculates emissions, determines the carbon offsets needed to mitigate those emissions, and purchases those offsets. The Cloverly API provides a variety of endpoints to offset electricity use, predetermined carbon amounts, and more. Explore our developer docs to learn more, or reach out to Cloverly for custom solutions.


Southern Company is committed to a leadership role in finding solutions that make technological, environmental, and economic sense. Cloverly is one of the many investments we are making to reach our net-zero goal and move the world toward a carbon-neutral future.

The logo of Southern Company, an organization invested in a carbon neutral future.

Why Cloverly

Emission Calculations

Cloverly can calculate the emissions of your energy production or consumption using a variety of data inputs that you already track, like kilowatt-hours. Based on these calculations, Cloverly determines the amount of carbon emissions that need to be neutralized. Using Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and verified carbon offsets, Cloverly purchases the offsets needed to mitigate the emissions.

Carbon Offsetting

Cloverly purchases carbon offsets using real-time data inputs or a pre-calculated amount of emissions from your business. Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) or carbon offsets are purchased from verified sources to ensure their quality and integrity. Looking for a specific type of offset project? Find one in your account dashboard, or work with the Cloverly team to find the perfect offsetting options.

Transparent Data

Transparency is key to successful businesses. That's why Cloverly shows you the exact details of your carbon offset purchase with transaction receipts and information provided in the Cloverly dashboard. We work with verified carbon offsetting sources to ensure the validity of the offsets, and we share this information with you or your customers to show how your carbon impact has been neutralized.

Partner Feature

Harmony Fuels Greens Home Heating with Cloverly

An aerial view of a solar farm that can serve as a source of carbon offsets.
"Consumers are increasingly aware of the impact they have on the environment, and they want to be responsible" Steven Downey, president of Harmony Fuels, as quoted in a news release announcing the launch of the service

Using heating oil or propane, which fuel a large percentages of home furnaces in the Northeastern United States, leads to large amounts of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. Harmony Fuels gives Northeast and mid-Atlantic residents a green alternative. The company uses Cloverly to calculate and offset the carbon impact of the heating oil or propane being purchased.

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Or, if you're looking for custom solutions and guidance on carbon offsetting, reach out to the Cloverly team.

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