Enterprise Resource Planning

Integrate Carbon Offsetting Into Your Information Systems with Cloverly

If your business already uses an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to track various activities within your organization, Cloverly can easily partner with your existing applications. The Cloverly API has a variety of endpoints that use your existing data points to identify carbon emissions from everyday business activities and offset them in real time.

Enterprise software on a laptop screen showing how Cloverly can offset the carbon costs of everyday business activities.
An office of employees using an ERP that is integrated with a carbon offset API to reduce carbon emissions.
ERP Insights

Leverage the Power of Insights to Drive Sustainability

Cloverly can calculate emissions from various business, consumer, or employee activities and offset them in real time. Using the power of your enterprise software data, we can help you offset carbon from your office and facility operations, cloud computing infrastructure, human resource management, and more. Our carbon offset projects meet strict verification standards and stand the test of corporate accountability. Create an account to test and implement Cloverly, and you'll be on your way to reaching your sustainability goals.

Enterprise Solution

Offsetting the Energy Used to Run Powerful Software

"Conjoint.ly is the first market research platform to offset carbon emissions with every automated service provided to clients."

Market research firm Conjoint.ly began using Cloverly to offset its less obvious environmental impacts. Everyday business processes, such as powerful computing and analytics (using computer systems powered by electricity) and air-conditioning offices, leave behind a carbon footprint. The Cloverly API can calculate the impact of such activities and purchase the offsets needed to mitigate this carbon footprint.

Use Case

Cloverly for Slack

Does your company use Slack? Do you have employees who care about the environment? Then Cloverly for Slack is for you.

You can green flights, shipping, commuting and other ground transportation trips, and even the carbon costs of your morning coffee. It all happens right within Slack.

A picture of a Slack interface. Cloverly for Slack can help offset carbon emissions through this integration.
ERP Use Cases

Here Are a Few Ways to Integrate the Cloverly API with Your ERP Data

Human Resources Software

Your HR software can tell you a lot about your business and its employees. For example, the carbon footprint of employee commutes or client travel can be easily calculated and offset with Cloverly. This is just one example of how you can use your enterprise software data to drive sustainability and positive environmental change.

Customer Relationship Management

Your CRM and business intellegence tools help you track purchase history, shipments, and other customer insights. Use Cloverly in conjunction with this CRM data to calculate and offset the carbon emissions associated with these activities. Whether it's the emissions produced from procurement, production, or distribution—offset any of it with Cloverly.


Use data from expense reports, employee travel, equipment purchases, and more to determine environmental impact. Wherever an ERP system is tracking data relevant to any of our endpoints, the Cloverly API can be integrated to generate a carbon estimate. With offset sources around the world, Cloverly can find and purchase the right carbon offsets for your business.

Supply Chain Management

With a working knowledge of your supply chain, the vendors involved, and the impact on the environment, why not offset these impacts with Cloverly? Integrate Cloverly to generate a carbon estimate for activities such as outbound sales and shipments, inbound shipments and procurement, energy consumption used in manufacturing and production, and distribution.

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Turn Insights into Action with the Cloverly API

Cloverly can help you leverage the power of data to offset the environmental impacts of your business. Wondering how Cloverly can work for you and help you meet your sustainability goals? Reach out and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.

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