Carbon Offsets for Financial Services & Transactions

There are many everyday activities that leave a carbon footprint. Cloverly can pair with your financial technology and services to determine where these carbon emissions come from and how much to offset. Mitigate the impact of everyday transactions with the Cloverly API.

Coins on top of a bank, showing how Cloverly helps to make financial transactions carbon neutral.
A mobile device with financial transactions on it. Cloverly is able to integrate with fintech and offset its carbon costs.

From Transactional Data to Transformational Change

Cloverly can integrate with your fintech application, financial institution, or payment processing service to determine carbon impacts and offsets needed. Whether we’re calculating the carbon emissions from a customer’s purchase or making it possible for you to offer rewards in the form of money spent on carbon offsets, Cloverly gives you and your customers a way to go green beyond consumer spending.

Case Study

Instagift Greens Gift Card Redemptions

Instagift sells e-gift cards for a variety of restaurants and retailers throughout the United States. The process of purchasing these gift cards is fully digital. However, when a recipient decides to use the e-gift card, they must travel to the restaurant or retailer to redeem it. So, Instagift provides the option to offset that travel with Cloverly.

"When customers elect to green their purchase, Cloverly buys offsets or Renewable Energy Credits that offset or avoid an amount of carbon equivalent to the amount created by a 30-mile trip by an average passenger vehicle. As always, Cloverly pairs offsets and RECs as closely as possible geographically to the carbon impact."
The InstaGift brand logo, a partner of Cloverly in offsetting carbon costs from transactions.
API Features

Why Cloverly

Purchase Review

Put the power of carbon offsetting in the customer's hands by letting them review transactions and offset their carbon footprint with Cloverly. Did they make a restaurant purchase and drive to pick it up? Or maybe they ordered something online. The Cloverly API can easily calculate and offset the carbon footprint of activities within certain categories.

Powerful Insights

Using the insights generated from your financial technology tool, you can assign specific carbon impacts to specific purchases or categories of purchases, and use statements or purchase history to calculate and offset a larger carbon footprint. Leveraging the power of your financial data and the Cloverly API, you can offset the impact of your business and consumer activities.

Sustainability Receipts

Our transaction receipts show more than just monetary amounts. They show the location and type of offset project used and the amount of carbon that was offset. Customers have full transparency into the way their carbon footprint was mitigated, and businesses see all transaction receipts and offset projects by checking the Cloverly dashboard.

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