Add Carbon-Neutral Shipping to Your Shopify Store with the Cloverly App

If your ecommerce store uses Shopify, then Cloverly is the perfect way to add sustainability to your checkout. Give your customers the option to offset the carbon footprint of their purchases—typically less than $1 per transaction. Customers can opt in for carbon-neutral shipping at checkout, and the cost is simply added to their order at no cost to you. Just download the Cloverly app from the Shopify App Store to get started. Doing your part for the planet has never been so quick and easy.

An example of how the Cloverly carbon offset plugin integrates with a user's cart on an ecommerce site.
App Features

How Cloverly Works

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Checkout Integration

Cloverly easily integrates with your Shopify store. With the cart view, your customer is given the option to add a few cents to their total to make their delivery carbon neutral. If the customer opts in to greening their delivery, the charge will be automatically added to their order. Cloverly can also be customized to match your brand's look and feel in checkout.

Emission Calculations

The Cloverly API calculates the expected carbon footprint of each order based on inputs like distance, package weight, and mode of transportation. Using this data, Cloverly determines and purchases the amount of carbon offsets or Renewable Energy Credits needed to make the order carbon neutral. Cloverly estimates are calculated in real time, in the cart.

Carbon Offsetting

If your customer chooses to opt in and neutralize their delivery, Cloverly purchases the carbon offset in real time, on a per-transaction basis. Cloverly then provides a custom receipt for the purchase which includes the project name, project location, and specific amount of carbon emissions that were offset. For ecommerce transactions, the cost to offset is typically less than $1.


Current Shopify Brands

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Cloverly is easy to add to your Shopify store. Here are just a few of the brands using Cloverly on Shopify. Check out our Partners page for more featured brands.

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