Supply Chain

Green Your Supply Chain with Verified Carbon Offsets

Use Cloverly to offset the carbon emissions from your supply chain. Utilize your existing data and tracking methods by integrating them with the Cloverly API to calculate the footprint of a specific activity or facility, or the overall supply chain. Start the conversation with us today.

An image of a company's supply chain, showing how Cloverly can help offset carbon emissions from organizational logistics.
A distribution center that offsets the carbon costs of its supply chain.

Why Offset Your Supply Chain?

Offsetting the carbon footprint of your supply chain is the most responsible choice you can make for the planet. It's also the responsible choice for your brand's reputation, which relies on the integrity of your operations and those of your suppliers. Every part of your supply chain is susceptible to scrutiny from stakeholders, at all levels. And while you may not be able to control the carbon emitted from all links in your supply chain, you can offset it with Cloverly.

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

Sustainable practices are an important part of corporate responsibility and transparency among your stakeholders.

Cloverly's API can serve as a low cost, low disruption means to calculate and aggregate upstream footprint based on existing operational data. This means you can easily green your supply chain and tell your customers and clients all about it. Cloverly offers full transparency into the specific offset projects used for your business operations.


If they [lower-tier suppliers] have poor or dubious sustainability performance, then an MNC [multinational corporation] that does business with them can endanger its reputation and suffer profound repercussions—losing customers, being forced to find new suppliers, or having its supply chain disrupted. To reduce such risks, MNCs need to include both first-tier and lower-tier suppliers in their sustainability programs....Our MNCs collaborate with their competitors and major suppliers to develop and disseminate industrywide sustainability standards. They recognize that a single MNC cannot be expected to fight alone against the problematic labor or environmental practices of global suppliers.

API Features

Why Cloverly

Offset Everyday Operations

Cloverly can calculate the emissions of your everyday operations. For example, we can calculate the real-time impact of inventory transport between suppliers based on mileage and shipping endpoints.

Mitigate Leftover Emissions

Some carbon emissions sources linger even after a shift to renewable energy supplies. They can be diffused throughout factories and other facilities, and difficult to eliminate. Cloverly can mitigate their impact through offsetting.

Calculate Historical Impact

Feed historical data into the API to calculate historical impact at a facility or in another part of your supply chain. Then, you can use Cloverly to offset this impact and establish long-term sustainability goals for the future, too.

Build a Greener Future

Sustainability is only going to become more crucial for business. The sooner you audit the carbon impact of your supply chain and integrate Cloverly to offset it, the better your position will be going forward.

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