Our Sustainability-as-a-Service platform connects the carbon offset infrastructure to businesses, consumers, and organizations using real-time calculations powered by the Cloverly API.

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Every industry has a carbon footprint. Offset yours with the Cloverly API and get on the path to net-zero emissions.

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Cloverly is on a mission to neutralize emissions through carbon offsets and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). We make it easy to make a difference for people and the planet.

Business Intelligence Group

Business Intelligence Group's 2020 Sustainability Awards

"We are proud to reward and recognize Cloverly for their sustainability efforts," said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer, Business Intelligence Group. "It was clear to our judges that their vision and strategy will continue to deliver results toward a cleaner, more sustainable world."

Sustainability Awards

Carbon Offsets Turn to E-Commerce with Travel Down

Companies are offering consumers carbon offsets for e-commerce, which has increased during the pandemic.... Cloverly was among the carbon offsetters that saw a spike: "We witnessed a surge in e-commerce activity throughout March and April, and, despite COVID-19, we saw considerable, week-by-week growth in 'green, carbon-neutral' transactions with companies using our platform," Said Oni.


Investors and Utilities Are Seeding Carbon Markets with New Startups

Now, as the results of climate inaction become more apparent, there appears to be some movement on the regulatory front and concurrent activity from early-stage technology investors to make carbon offsets more of a reality.

Atlanta Inno

Atlanta Startup Cloverly Offers Carbon Offsets at Checkout

Cloverly, an Atlanta-based software company, wants to help sustainability-minded companies mitigate their carbon-cost of doing business. Cloverly provides an API (application program interfaces), which calculates the emissions created from a particular activity (shipping a package or flying cross country for a conference) and gives the user an opportunity to compensate for those emissions through carbon offsets.

Atlanta Inno
Atlanta Business Chronicle

50 on Fire: Cloverly Finds Success Simplifying the Carbon Offset Process

Cloverly calculates emissions created from a particular activity, like shipping a package or booking a flight, and gives users an opportunity to compensate for those emissions through carbon offsets. Cloverly is the 2020 Inno Blazer in the Social Impact/Environment category of Atlanta Inno’s 50 on Fire Awards.

50 on Fire
Georgia Trend

More Solar Jobs, an App to Reduce a Business’s Carbon Footprint and Georgia’s First Sustainability Degrees

Atlanta-based software startup Cloverly is providing an application program interface (API) for ecommerce businesses that will offer carbon offsets at checkout, enabling customers to have carbon-neutral experiences. The API calculates the emissions created by a particular activity like shipping a package or flying across the country for a conference. With the software integrated into an ecommerce website, customers can choose to pay extra to offset the environmental impact of their purchases.

Georgia Trend
World Aviation Festival

Cloverly, a Cleantech Startup Based in Atlanta, GA., Is Bringing Sustainability to the Shipping World

With ecommerce only increasing during the time of social distancing, Cloverly is the first technology of its kind to allow individuals and businesses to offset their carbon emissions in real time, with just the click of a button.

World Aviation Festival
11 Nov 2020

Nearly Half of Americans Would Add $1 to Their Online Purchase to Neutralize the Carbon Emissions of Their Deliveries This Holiday Season

As this year’s busy online holiday shopping season kicks into full gear, 45% of Americans say they would be likely to add $1 to their online holiday purchases to neutralize the carbon emissions of their deliveries, according to a new national survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults conducted online by The Harris Poll for Cloverly, a tech company that helps businesses offset their carbon emissions.

5 Aug 2020

Cleantech Startup Wins 2020 Sustainability Service of the Year

Cloverly, an environmental tech company that makes it easy for both companies and consumers to neutralize their carbon footprint, was named Sustainability Service of the Year in Business Intelligence Group's 2020 Sustainability Awards program. The winners were announced earlier this week.

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